What to Eat for Better Heart Health

By Larry Trivieri, JR

Eat This:
>Wild-caught salmon and other cold-water fish
>Lean cuts of lamb or skinless poultry
>Free-range poultry, eggs
>Spinach, romaine lettuce
>Fresh, organic foods
>Raw, organic butter
>Beans, brown rice, quinoa
>Olive or coconut oil
Don’t Eat This:
>Farm-raised salmon, snapper, or red fish
>Red meats, sausage, process meats
>Factory-farmed foods
>Boxed cereals
>Iceberg lettuce
>Packaged foods
>Bananas or strawberries (high in pesticides unless organic)
>Potatoes, pasta
>Non-organic (whenever possible)
>Other oils
Drink This:
>Pure, filtered water
>Green tea (4 cups or more/day)
>Almond, rice, or soy milk
>Red wine in moderation
Don’t Drink This:
>Tap water or water bottled in plastic
>Coffee, commercial teas
>Dairy milk
>Beer, white wine, other alcoholic drinks