Women's Health

  • What's My Alternative: Epidural

    When Chandra Lund discovered she was pregnant, she faced a dilemma. She wanted a natural labor, but media images of women screaming in pain haunted her, and the “horrible, painful” birth stories her friends told made her think twice.

    By Diana Reynolds Roome
  • Sexual Healing

    Most of us have no problem casually mentioning, say, our high blood pressure or diabetes to perfect strangers. But when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), most of us would rather crawl into a dark cave than discuss these types of anatomically awkward conditions with our close friends or doctors.

    Naturally effective treatments for those all-too-embarrassing STDs
    By Kris Kucera
  • Embracing Menopause

    My mom has been right about everything. About the high school typing class that would come in handy later and the boyfriends who would surely fall from the trees for me as soon as I turned 18. She was right about travel, careers, and babies. So naturally I was inclined to believe her about menopause. 

    One woman shares her quest to make it through “the change” without the hot flash and weight gain horror stories her mom warned her about. Learn how you can embrace this rite of passage...
    By Julie Tilsner
  • Bringing Sexy Back

    Nothing surpasses it on the Richter scale of pure pleasure (except perhaps chocolate). Not many women can live without it. And the mere mention of it can silence a cacophonous cocktail party (“You slept with whom?”).

    Sex with the same partner can lose its luster after you've been at it for decades. How do you transform the perfunctory into the passionate? One writer bares all in her quest to liven up her libido.
    By Susan Moran
  • The 2009 Get Healthy & Stay Healthy Guide

    We’ve all heard the same advice a million times, no matter what our health concerns: Eat better, exercise more, and stress less. But why is that so hard for many of us to do?

    While most nutritionists and doctors tell us to eat plenty of fruits, veggies, whole grains, and spices—they don’t really explain how we can do that in three meals a day.

    By Lindsay Wilson, Nicole Duncan, Erin Quinn, Kate Hanley
  • Another Reason to Ditch the Pill

    Listen up, ladies: If you’ve got a knee injury, using birth-control pills may hinder your healing time. “Women have four to eight times more knee ligament injuries than men, even when playing the same sports,” says Ross Hauser, MD, a rehabilitation specialist in Chicago.

    By Joe Wallace
  • Your Natural Treatment Plan

    Adding complementary therapies to your treatment plan can both improve your prognosis and help you feel better. Integrative oncologists agree that when it comes to breast cancer, conventional therapies such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation may be unavoidable. But the following holistic strategies offer healing benefits.


    5 holistic approaches to help beat breast cancer
    By Meghan Rabbitt
  • Surviving Breast Cancer Together

    One sunny Friday in August, my wife called me at work. She’d just had a mammogram, and a no-nonsense radiologist told her, “Sure looks like cancer to me.” Here’s what I should have said: “Honey, you must be terrified. I’m coming home right now. We’ll get through this together.”

    A relationship can be put to the test after diagnosis and through treatment. How one man learned to stop "fixing" and start listening.
    By Marc Silver
  • Un-Cramp Your Style

    If you don’t experience menstrual cramps, consider yourself lucky. For the rest of us, “that time of the month” involves a clenching pain that causes us to miss more than our share of work and school days. To some extent, cramping is a normal part of the menstrual cycle, but the pain shouldn’t be (and doesn’t have to be) debilitating.

    Put an end to menstural pain without meds.
    By Hillari Dowdle
  • Postpartum Energy Loss

    According to ayurveda, it isn’t just the sleepless nights that are zapping your strength; the vata dosha becomes dominant in the first six weeks after childbirth—known as the postpartum period.

    I just had a baby and can’t seem to regain my energy. What can I do?