Pets Health

  • Look Before You Hop

    Including a real bunny in your child’s Easter basket may seem like a great gift idea. But each year, far too many bunnies end up in animal shelters when families realize that little Peter Cottontail is pretty high maintenance. According to the House Rabbit Society, a national nonprofit rescue and education group, rabbits are not ideal pets for children.

    by O'Rya Hyde-Keller
  • Grass Eating Pooches

    Finding your pooch grazing in the backyard like a Jersey cow isn’t always bad and actually quite normal, explains veterinarian Randy Caviness, DVM, of the Integrative Animal Health Center in Bolton, Massachusetts. “Dogs eat grass because it acts as a natural antacid and is usually soothing for the stomach,” Caviness says.

    My dog Charlie eats grass to make himself throw up. Is this healthy? What can I do?
  • The Scoop on Natural Kitty Litters

    You’ve installed a low-flush toilet in your bathroom and only use recycled toilet paper and eco-friendly cleaners. But is your cat’s bathroom earth-friendly, too? Billions of pounds of conventional clay kitty litter end up in landfills every year.

    By O’Rya Hyde-Keller