Pets Health

  • Let the Cats Scratch

    Nothing drives a pet owner crazier than watching their cat destroy their furniture with their claws. However, every time your cat sinks his claws into your expensive couch, he is satisfying his instinctual need to scratch.

  • Greyhounds Going Home

    Greyhounds are loveable companion pets. However, every year, thousands of greyhounds are bred for the 27 remaining racetracks in the US. The dogs are intentionally over-bred so that there are always new dogs to replace aging and underperforming greyhounds.

  • Give the Birds a Home Away From Home

    Many people find listening to the calls of songbirds or watching blue jays and cardinals treat themselves to a birdbath relaxing. Even sitting on park bench and throwing crumbs of leftover food has brought joy to many. While feeding birds is considered an American industry these days, there are steps to take in order to get the most out of your bird-watching hobby.

    The joys of bird-watching.
  • Lyme Disease Co-Infection

    Did you know that a co-infection of Lyme disease can be passed to humans from companion animals? Bartonella, a type of bacteria, can be transmitted through a bite from an infected animal or through insects such as flies, fleas, lice, and keds. Common animal hosts of Lyme Disease and Baronella are cats, dogs, wild pigs, cattle, squirrels, mice, and rats.

  • Keeping Fido Fit

    Obesity is on the rise… for your pets. The 5th annual veterinary survey showed that an astonishing 53 percent of dogs and 55 percent of cats are categorized as overweight or obese according to their veterinarians. That equals about 88 million pets that are in need of diet and exercise. What’s true for humans is also true for your pets.

  • Washing Woes

    The situation is a fairly common one in winter and spring: you’re out for a walk with your dog in a wooded area, enjoying the changing season and cool breeze. Fido trots alongside you, but stops to sniff at something next to the path. He then drops and rolls in whatever caught his attention. Unfortunately, it’s a pile of wild animal droppings.

    Give Fido a bath and avoid disaster
  • Animal Acupuncture


    As a pet owner, you know when something isn’t right with your pet. He or she might be sleeping too much or not enough. Your pet might pace, bark, meow, or chirp at unusual times; the tone of their cry might sound distressed.

  • Autumn Safety Tips for Pets


    The temperatures have cooled off, the days are noticeably shorter, and the leaves have begun to turn colors; it’s autumn! And finally you can enjoy some time outside with your pet without feeling like a baked potato. However, along with the change of season, there is a new set of safety precautions to take for your pet.

  • Decoding Tricky Pet-Food Product Names

    Manufacturers often embellish the names of pet food products in ways that emphasize particular ingredients, as most consumers make purchases based on what they know their pets already enjoy. But have you ever wondered just how much chicken is really in that can of “Chicken Formula Cat Food”?

    By Margaret VanEchaute
  • The Right Diet for Your Pet

    We know you’re dedicated to leading a healthy lifestyle, especially when it comes to watching what you eat. You count calories, read labels, and research ingredients; you’ve already cut fast food, trans fats, and excess sugar from your own diet, only consuming what you know to be healthy, natural, and good for your body.

    Good nutrition leads to healthy, happy pets.
    By Margaret VanEchaute