Pet Dental Health: Do Your Furry Friends a Favor

February is Pet Dental Health Month! Here are some pet-friendly tips to keep their teeth in check.

BRUSH (OR DON’T BRUSH) THOSE CANINES. Find a toothbrush fit for your pet, or give them chews that contain plaque-inhibiting substances, like Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste chews.

LET THEM EAT RAW BONES. Marrow, knuckle, kneecap, or poultry neck bones are perfect for scraping and flossing pet teeth.

VISIT THE VET. Veterinarians will give your pets an oral exam (see if there is a special for Pet Dental Health Month!) where they will assess their teeth and gums and let you know what you need to do to improve their oral health.


>> Bad breath

>> Excessive drooling

>> Inflamed gums

>> Tumors in the gums

>> Cysts under the tongue

>> Loose teeth

28: The number of temporary teeth puppies have

42: The number of permanent teeth a dog has by four months

6-12: How many months between tooth exams for your pet