Kitty Litter: Make the Natural Choice

By Carole Howell

Clumping cat litters use sodium bentonite—when wet, it expands to about 15 times its size and hardens like cement. Ingesting clumping litter has been linked to deadly intestinal blockages and pulmonary problems in cats, and to pulmonary problems in humans.

Dust from clay and clumping litters can cause allergies in cats and humans and can trigger asthma attacks. Cats with existing lung problems have trouble clearing litter dust from their lungs.

Municipal sewage treatment plants do not process the T. Gondii parasite, carried in cat feces. Infected flushable litters have been linked to the death of sea otters.

The newest type of cat litter, quartz silica, is a known carcinogen for both humans and household pets.

Clumping and clay litter do not biodegrade in landfills.

Perfumes in litter can irritate your cat’s eyes.