Are Your Pets in Pain?

Our pets are special to us. They are part of the family. When they hurt we hurt. Animals can’t communicate when they feel pain—they can only show you.

A dog or cat in pain will walk with less oomph, be less active, whine, and generally look downtrodden. If you want to give your pet pain medication, consult with a vet for correct dosage. Some pain medications like ibuprofen cause ulcers in dogs, so the risks may far outweigh any benefits.

There are alternative methods to treat pets, however. According to BioLife Therapy Systems, an electromagnetic therapy company for dogs and cats, this therapy can be used as preventative care or in conjunction with treatment of an injury and is a highly effective adjunct therapy. Electromagnetic therapy helps the body heal faster by bringing oxygen to oxygen-starved cells, removing waste products, and decreasing inflammation. When things begin to move in your body, energy is moving and there is no stagnation which can cause delay in healing.