Animal Acupuncture


As a pet owner, you know when something isn’t right with your pet. He or she might be sleeping too much or not enough. Your pet might pace, bark, meow, or chirp at unusual times; the tone of their cry might sound distressed.

It’s even more distressing for you when conventional veterinary treatment fails to cure your furry friend. Luckily, holistic veterinary care is a field growing in popularity, especially acupuncture. Animal acupuncture isn’t only for Fido or Fluffy, but rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, rodents, and even horses.

While acupuncture doesn’t treat the problem in cases such as kidney disease, hip dysplasia, arthritis, chronic respiratory infection, FIV, and other major conditions, it certainly does alleviate pain and other symptoms, allowing your pet to live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Animal acupuncture works along the same principles as the acupuncture humans undergo; long needles are inserted into the body along clusters of nerves to stimulate the body’s own healing powers such as endorphins and the anti-inflammatory cortisol. It may take a few treatments for a pet to begin to show signs of relief, but more often than not, acupuncture brings relief to many pets and their owners.