Health Matters

  • Springtime!


    Spring is almost here! The spring—or Vernal—Equinox on March 20 this year symbolizes the birth of a new season, a time of renewal, and our departure from Old Man Winter’s icy grip. For thousands of years the equinoxes have been celebrated by various cultures and, in general, encompassing a theme of rebirth and balance.

  • Read Any Good Pet Food Labels Lately?

    As more pet parents consider feeding their dogs and cats a healthier diet, learning about the ingredients in your pet’s food becomes all the more important.

  • Orgasm Inc; The Strange Science of Female Pleasure

    Having trouble reaching the Big O between the sheets? You’re not alone. Sexual dysfunction has become the “disease of the moment” and there’s a pill, a toy, a surgery, and counselor there to help cure you. But how did all the hubbub come about in the
    first place?

  • For the Love of Chocolate

    Yep, that’s right, chocolate: that oh-so-indulgent treat that makes women around the world swoon. But it’s not the milk chocolate candy bar or the box of chocolate-covered cherries that best support your heart.

    Support your heart's health with chocolate.
  • Have Better Sex

    You know sex is a vital part of lifeit can relax you, release a flood of feel-good hormones, and make you feel connected to another person like few other pursuits can. Studies have found that sex produces less stress and better moods, and can even help prolong your life.

    Seven natural ways to boost libido, heighten enjoyment, and improve the overall health of your sex life.
    by Kate Hanley
  • Need Better Lubrication?

    Au Naturale: Drink more water! Being properly hydrated supports your body’s ability to produce enough lubrication during sex. Increasing your intake of omega- 3 fatty acids, can also help increase your natural lubrication. Considering estrogen is the primary hormone that affects vaginal lubrication, you can also up your intake of soy, flaxseed oil, nuts, and apples.

  • Flush Those Germs!

    It isn’t just for fresh breath. In a Japanese study, gargling with water three times a day was found to dramatically reduce the incidence of upper respiratory infections.


    Three simple steps to protect your nose and throat from invaders this cold and flu season.
    by Kate Hanley
  • Stick to Your Resolution (For Real This Year)

    Every New Year, it’s the same story: You pledge to make one positive change in your life, but when the hectic pace of real life sets in that resolution gets left in the dust. No sugar for a year? Yeah, right. Come February you’re grabbing two-for-one pints of Ben and Jerry’s at the grocery store.

    By Kimberly Rodrigues
  • Is Your Pet Packing on the Pounds?

    According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, more than 50 percent of dogs and cats are overweight or obese. Cats, however, hold the record for pet obesity, with about 21 percent battling the bulge (compared to about 8 percent in dogs). Obese pets are at higher risk for developing type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart and repertory disease, and kidney disease.