Health Matters

  • Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Early Menarche

    Vitamin D has received a lot of attention lately regarding its uses in treating and preventing ailments such as high blood pressure, adrenal insufficiencies, autoimmune disorders, depression, heart disease, and hypertension, to name a few.

  • High-Risk Pregnancy

    Enduring a high-risk pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience of stress, fear, and unknowns that lead to more questions than answers. Many high-risk mothers-to-be adhere to strict regimes of bed rest, face major changes in lifestyle and relationships, and are subject to dozens of doctor visits to protect their unborn child.

  • You Are What You Eat

    The old adage “you are what you eat” is true. Diet is the number one factor in whether or not someone is deemed to be in good health. Put something bad into your body, and something bad comes out. Put something good into your body, and it will be reflected on the outside.

    Tips for eating to achieve good health.
  • School Lunch Programs Get a Boost

    The US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) new Nutrition Standards for School Meals help ensure that the nation’s schoolchildren have access to a nutritional lunch and breakfast.

    New USDA nutrition standards for 2012-2013.
  • Hot Yoga Health Hazards

    For many people, yoga is a relaxing and beneficial activity. However, the increase in the practice of Bikram yoga, more commonly known as hot yoga, has lead to an increase in injuries—not from the yoga itself, but from underlying medical conditions that are sensitive to heat.

    Potential dangers of Bikram yoga.
  • Dry Skin is Everywhere

    Dry, itchy, and flaking skin is a sure sign of a rough winter. Unfortunately, this also pertains to your pets. Winter is just as rough on their skin as it is on yours. There are simple steps to keep your pet from feeling the affects of the sub-zero temperatures.

    Tips for keeping your pets happy and healthy during the winter months.
  • The Begley Difference

    Organic products are nothing new—yet bigger stores have at last begun to carry them on their shelves, giving consumers more access to the products that help keep us safe. That’s why actor, author, and pioneering environmentalist, Ed Begley Jr., created Begley’s Earth Responsible Products.

    An interview with Ed Begley Jr., about his new line of green cleaning products.
  • Walking on Sunshine

    In the midst of the cold winter months, a burst of sunshine is a welcome sight. When most days are gray, it’s hard to remember that the sun is still there in the sky—it hardly pierces through the gray curtain of clouds that seems to seal in cold air. The apparent absence of sunlight can drive even the most chipper of people into a mental funk.

    Tips for staying happy and healthy during the winter months.
  • Winter Workouts

    Winter days often bring along foul weather that makes even the most dedicated exercisers cringe. But don’t let cold, dreary days confine you to a “dreadmill” or other boring, indoor exercise equipment. Let the cool air invigorate and motivate you. As the chill settles in this winter, tackle your outside workout by following these tips:

    Tips for tackling outdoor exercise
  • Fight Disease with Food

    The National Institute of Health defines metabolic syndrome as a group of risk factors that occur together and increase the risk for coronary artery disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.

    Medical food provides new and effective tools for health.
    by Cara Lucas