Turtle Time

The eastern Pacific hawksbill turtles are the most endangered population of sea turtles in the world. Hope was lost to save them until very recently when a small but viable population was found nesting in the mangroves of El Salvador. That’s when Fabien Cousteau stepped in with his grassroots Plant A Fish initiative and started working directly with the local community and turtle egg hunters (tortugeros) to bring about positive change for the endangered population. His goal is to release one billion baby sea turtles in El Salvador and other countries to a viable environment.

Cousteau talks to Natural Solutions about Plant A Fish.

NS: What motivated you to create your non-profit, Plant A Fish?

FC: After years of producing documentaries to increase awareness about the ocean’s declining health problems, I became frustrated because people weren’t taking action. So I channeled that frustration into an initiative called Plant A Fish. Through the program, we have launched key grassroots initiatives in locations around the world to teach the local communities how to restore their marine environments.

NS: How important is it for communities to be involved in planetary conservations efforts?

FC: It is essential for each of us because we use and depend on our planet as a natural resource bank account for our survival and well-being.

NS: What are your goals for the future of Plant A Fish?

FC: I want to go out of business. By that I mean I want to be able to see this nonprofit achieve its goals and hopefully many like it so that we don’t need them anymore. If we are able to go out of business, then we have achieved our goals.

To learn more about how you can contribute to Plant A Fish, please visit plantafish.org.