Travel: Being Budget-Savvy

Family vacations don’t have to cost a pretty penny. Instead, consider these tips:

>> Keep a local frame of mind

No matter where you travel, keep a local frame of mind! You’ll get the most real travel experiences while saving money. Also, avoid traveling in tour groups.

>> Ditch the book

Guidebooks are helpful when planning your trip, but once the places you’d want to eat and stay at are in print, prices rise and tourists are abundant.

>> Ixnay your reservations

Advanced reservations limit your ability to travel spontaneously, plus they are often not the local-flavor places you may be looking for.

>> Follow the locals

When out and about, see where the locals are congregating. They’ll know where the best stuff is!

>> Travel slowly

Try to refrain from traveling across large areas in a short amount of time. Public transportation or hiking can take you to places you never would have found with a guidebook.

>> Get your groceries

Shopping at a local market can save you money, and let you enjoy what your vacation destination has to offer.