Safe Runner

Turn your phone into a personal tracking device. The app monitors your location with GPS and video and will reach out to your emergency contact should the need arise! Also works to track your distance and calories burned.


Share your workouts, progress, and gym content with friends on a Facebookish newsfeed. Track your activities (and your progress), from walking up stairs to Olympic lifting.


A free and always-on pedometer on steroids, Moves recognizes whether you’re walking, biking, or driving automatically—set your sights on a healthy exercise goal of 10,000 steps a day.


App that allows you to scan any food item and trace its corporate family tree. If you’re looking to avoid giving your hard-earned cash to Monsanto or the Koch billionaire industrialists, this is a must-download.

Cognizin Memory

Test your memory with single-player and multi-player challenges that focus on memory and recall. Make your brain work overtime with this fun new app!

Ace Your Diet

Dieting too hard on your own? The Ace Your Diet app provides all the fundamental principles of weight loss and also gives you three meal plans suited to your personal goals.