Roast Your Way To Better Health


While it's widely known that coffee contains antioxidants that are helpful in fighting the oxidation of cells, new research has found that the strength of the roast affects antioxidant values; the darker the coffee, the higher the potency of antioxidants.

In addition to high antioxidant levels, dark coffee contains N-methylpyridinium, a chemical not found in lighter roasts that actually soothes the stomach and inhibits it from making excess acid. Dark roasts also increased levels of glutathione and vitamin E in the blood.

Past studies have shown that men who drink coffee on a regular basis have as much as a 30- to 60-percent-lower risk of developing prostate cancer than non-coffee drinkers due to antioxidant values. Considering recent findings, darker roasts can only increase this reduced risk. The same is true for most forms of diseases and ailments caused by inflammation, including type 2 diabetes, dementia, stroke, and Parkinson’s disease.

If caffeine content is a concern, keep in mind that dark roasts typically contain less caffeine than lighter roasts. So go ahead—enjoy your cup (or cups!) of morning coffee.