A Matter of Life or Death: Energy Drink Crisis in America

Jason Balleta—the CEO of BeeAlive, a beehive jelly company—recently made a public statement on the health concerns about energy drinks. These have frequently been in the news, with a myriad of health concerns. There are also possible links to several deaths.

As the owner of BeeAlive, a company with nearly 30 years of experience, I am outraged by the status quo of the energy market. We live in a society of fast food, fast cars, and fast energy. With all the information we have at our disposal, we should be making wiser, more educated, healthier choices. So what’s happening? Why are we still moving in the fast lane, about to crash at the next turn?

All energy products are not alike. Caffeine, concentrated in high doses and combined with ingredients where safety is questionable, is not a solution for that late afternoon pick-me-up. There are products out there that can deliver a healthy energy surge. Find a company that has a good track record for creating products that are made with healthy ingredients that are proven safe.

So, how can we make a difference? We, as consumers, have the power to make educated choices. Read labels and make smart decisions on what you put into your body. As the saying goes, “You are what you eat.” At the end of the day, you are responsible for your choices, which, as you can see, can be a matter of life or death!