Lyme Disease Co-Infection

Did you know that a co-infection of Lyme disease can be passed to humans from companion animals? Bartonella, a type of bacteria, can be transmitted through a bite from an infected animal or through insects such as flies, fleas, lice, and keds. Common animal hosts of Lyme Disease and Baronella are cats, dogs, wild pigs, cattle, squirrels, mice, and rats.

To avoid contracting Lyme disease or Bartonella, wear gloves when cleaning up after pets, don’t allow pets in bedrooms, and use a flea and tick spray for pets if they venture outdoors. Place clothes in a dryer for 30 minutes if you notice ticks or have ventured into areas with tall grass or dense trees. Wear light colored clothes to easily spot ticks and tuck pants into socks or place duct tape around the cuff to keep ticks from crawling up pant legs.

Lyme disease and Bartonella in humans can lead to:

>> cardiac problems

>> anxiety

>> flu-like symptoms

>> muscle weakness

>> chronic fatigue

>> joint pain

>> myalgia

>> headaches