Keeping Fido Fit

Obesity is on the rise… for your pets. The 5th annual veterinary survey showed that an astonishing 53 percent of dogs and 55 percent of cats are categorized as overweight or obese according to their veterinarians. That equals about 88 million pets that are in need of diet and exercise. What’s true for humans is also true for your pets. Winter tends to drop activity level, slow their metabolism, and put them into hibernation mode. Here are some helpful tips provided by to get those pesky pounds off of your beloved pet now that spring has sprung.

>> Make an exercise routine. A simple walk around the block or a trip to a dog park will help manage Fido’s weight.

>> Instead of giving your dog multiple treats, trade in those biscuits for some vegetables, like carrots.

>> Lower your pets’ caloric intake by switching to a healthier kibble, or cut their servings down.

>> Weight gain is most noticeable in the spine and the ribs; keeping an eye on these places will help keep you aware of the weight your pet is gaining.

>> Before winter hits, make sure to bring your pet in for a checkup with the veterinarian.

They will help you decide what weight is most healthy for them.

>> If you are unable to control your animal’s weight on your own, consult a veterinarian to come up with a weight-loss plan.

A happy pet is an in-shape pet. Prevention is easier than helping your pet lose weight!