High-Risk Pregnancy

Enduring a high-risk pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience of stress, fear, and unknowns that lead to more questions than answers. Many high-risk mothers-to-be adhere to strict regimes of bed rest, face major changes in lifestyle and relationships, and are subject to dozens of doctor visits to protect their unborn child.

For most women, pregnancy is a cause for celebration, not worry. Kelly Whitehead wrote High Risk Pregnancy: Why Me? after her first child died following his premature birth. During her next pregnancy, she spent four and a half months in bed worrying about and trying to protect her unborn daughter. Whitehead provides answers to the complex questions concerning high-risk pregnancy in layman’s terms, and also provides support to mothers-to-be:

>> Try to enjoy being pregnant. Enjoy things that pregnant women do such as having a baby-shower or taking photos of your expanding belly.

>> Don’t let your emotions become your enemy. It may be natural to feel guilty, bitter, or angry because you’re not a “normal” pregnant woman, but move on.

>> Educate yourself about your situation. Don’t read too far into other possible conditions—this will only make you more upset and anxious.

>> Ask and you shall receive. Feeling lonely or bored? Ask a friend to visit if you’ve been cooped up too long in the house.

Whitehead notes that a high-risk pregnancy can make a woman feel estranged from the joy of pregnancy, but the key is to remember that “this may be the toughest time of your life, [but] many [women] have been through it” to raise healthy, happy children. // e-book, $15, book, $27, hrpwhyme.com