Helpful Hair-Care Tips

The condition of your hair is often a reflection of overall health. To boost the health of your hair (and your entire body), here are a few tips provided by Dr. Jeff Donovan, board-certified dermatologist and hair restoration physician with Hair Club Medical Group:

> Choose a sulfate-free shampoo: A common ingredient found in shampoo, sulfates help remove buildup and debris. But, they can also irritate and dry the scalp, strip color and shine, cause split ends, and cause the hair cuticle to become rough and coarse. Sulfate-free shampoo helps attract moisture back to hair.

> Take a multivitamin: An easy way to keep hair healthy from the inside out, a multivitamin that contains biotin (promotes hair growth and strength), vitamin B (promotes blood circulation in the scalp), vitamin C (helps hair maintain moisture and color), and vitamin D (in tandem with calcium, helps prevent hair from drying and breaking) is vital for healthier, stronger hair.

> Go easy on the hair-care products and use the right ones: Combating static, flyaways, and flatness makes it easy to load up on mousse and hair spray, but ultimately, the overuse of styling products has the reverse effect. Too much of a good thing can limit natural hair movement, clump hair together, weigh it down, make it look greasy, and/or increase the appearance of thinness. Stick to a dime-sized portion of product and avoid contact with the scalp so as not to clog pores or cause flakes.

> Get a trim: A monthly trim immediately improves the look and condition of hair. New ends are also less prone to static and frizz.

> Limit artificial heat: Not only can blow dryers and flat irons burn your hair, they dry it out and leave it susceptible to damage. Make sure to use a dryer once hair is damp (not dripping wet) and keep it at least six inches away. With irons, never leave them on hair for more than 15 to 20 seconds. Heat protectors and/or leave-in conditioners are recommended to protect hair. If possible, skip the tools a few days a week for a natural look.