A Healthful Crunch

Among Americans, 44 percent surveyed said they tend to eat healthy most of the time, and 42 percent make an effort to snack on foods that are healthy. However, 39 percent of snackers say they will likely nibble on some less-than-healthy treats this year. In addition, 16 percent believe that preparing a healthy snack takes more time than other snacks. In other words, consumers crave convenience and healthy choices as most want to eat healthy, but time gets in the way of their good intentions.

According to Molly Maier, senior wellness analyst at Mintel (the company who distributed the aforementioned survey), “The number of snackers who only consume healthy treats is a relatively small one, but one that shouldn’t be ignored by snack-food manufacturers.” Since snacks are often an impulse purchase, yet many people want healthy snacks, expect to see new and improved, healthier snack foods at the grocery store.