Got Hiccups?

Whether it’s a case of nerves, eating too quickly, or having a little too much to drink, everyone has experienced the hiccups at least once. While showing no particular risk of bodily harm, there's no question that the hiccups are one of the body’s most annoying malfunctions. 

These bothersome spasms always seem to find us at the worst moments, whether walking into an important meeting or job interview or simply sitting in a silent, yet crowded, movie theater. For this reason, it comes in handy to always have a guaranteed hiccup cure hidden up your sleeve.

Hicural, a one-of-a-kind, over-the-counter tool, can cure the hiccups every time. Simply place the tool in your mouth, bite down, enjoy a nice glass of water and you'll find miraculous relief in just a few seconds.

Hicural's Hiccup Relief is available for purchase online at