Five Tips to Protect Your Tips from the Cold

1. Going outside without gloves on really hurts your nails. The quick change in temperature from warm inside to freezing outside causes your nails to become brittle and break, especially if they’re being overexposed to water and detergents. Make sure you always leave with a pair of gloves!

2. Avoid fragranced lotions in the winter. If you can smell it, it contains alcohol which leads to drying and chaffing.

3. Be sure to protect your nails with a base or topcoat. Taking this important extra step locks in the moisture your nails need to stay healthy during the winter.

4. When your nail polish starts to chip, it’s best to remove it completely and repaint your nails. As your polish chips, bits of your nails flake off with it!

5. Applying cuticle cream to your tips is a crucial step in your winter beauty regimen.