Finding Youth and Vitality in Foods

Making a quick trip to the grocery store seems harmless, but most times it isn’t. People on the go tend to gravitate towards foods they know of that are easy, but may not be the healthiest choice out there. Eudene Harry, MD, author of Live Younger in 8 Simple Steps, gives some simple food combos for shoppers who are looking to eat healthy this year.

• Tomato, garlic, chicken, and almonds: Pair these goodies with whole wheat couscous for a full dinner.

• Sushi—wild salmon, minced cucumbers, shredded carrots, kelp, sesame seeds, and rice: A sushi roll is much more filling and satisfying than a non-sushi eater would think.

• Fruit salad for dessert: Bring together chopped apples, strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, and pineapple with blueberries and grapes for a sweet and juicy post-dinner palate cleanser.

• Pomegranate- Balsamic tempeh: Like tofu, tempeh takes on the flavors with which it is cooked or marinated, including zesty-tangy balsamic vinegar—perfect for accentuating salads.

• Mashed cauliflower gone Greek: Not only does the “original” yogurt have a thicker texture and richer taste, it’s also denser in lactobacilli, the healthy bacteria that may delay the onset of cancer.