Dry Skin is Everywhere

Tips for keeping your pets happy and healthy during the winter months.

Dry, itchy, and flaking skin is a sure sign of a rough winter. Unfortunately, this also pertains to your pets. Winter is just as rough on their skin as it is on yours. There are simple steps to keep your pet from feeling the affects of the sub-zero temperatures.

>> Bathing: Pet shampoos and soaps that you would usually use on your pet are a big no-no in the winter months. The cleaning solutions will strip away any moisture their skin already contains, leaving them with dandruff and itchy skin. If your pet has irritated skin, an oatmeal bath may help soothe them.

>> Hair Care: Brushing your pets is one of the most important things you can do to help them be itch-free. A soft brush helps the oil glands continue to work, ridding the body of any dead skin cells or lose hair.

>> Overall Health: Your dog or cat’s year-round diet will affect their skin during the cold months. Keep omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in their diet to help with flaking skin.

>> Air Quality: Humidifiers and fans work wonders for pets by keeping the air quality in your house in an ideal state. Air circulation is key to preventing allergens from lingering.

>> Other Problems: Sometimes dry skin can be masked as a reaction to the winter temperatures, but every so often there are other causes. Parasites, dust mites, mold, or even hormonal and nutritional imbalances can irritate your animal’s skin. Talk to your veterinarian if the above tips do not cure your pet’s problems.