Drumming for Autism

Finding ways to treat autism is difficult. Certain diets, interventions, and therapies may work for others, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your child or loved one will respond in the same way. However, one method, known as drum therapy, has been gaining in popularity over the years, and seems to be a good alternative to other treatments.

The Drumming for Autism Project took place in a school in New Jersey to help autistic children express themselves. As the project continued, it seemed to increase and improve socialization and reduce anxiety and behavioral problems.

What causes drumming to be such a supportive medicine? Drumming requires hand/eye coordination as well as vestibular movement and visual perception. Learning how to hold the stick and where to strike the drum to get the best sound is part of the occupational lesson that occurs, giving children life lessons that will mean something.

Experts also believe that drumming helps individuals access the right side of the brain, the part responsible for controlling emotions, intuition, artistry, and relaxation. These types of acts are especially import for those with autism to learn.