Dog Joint Problems: Q&A With Shawn Messonier, DVM

“What should I look out for to see if my dog has a problem with their joints?”

The most common reason for joint pain in dogs is arthritis. In general, dogs exhibit pain through decreased activity, stiffness when moving, being slow to get up and lay down, reluctance to jump or go up and down stairs, and growling or attempting to bite if the affected joint is touched.

“What type of supplement should I give them?”

Joint supplements are very effective for most dogs suffering from joint pain related to arthritis. Ingredients to look for that may offer relief from pain and inflammation include glucosamine HCI, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid (HA), and the green-lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus). Herbs that may help control joint pain include Boswellia serrata and Yucca schidigera.

“How can I tell if the supplement works?”

If the dog is experiencing joint pain from arthritis, improvement should be seen within seven to 14 days after giving the product. If improvement is not seen within seven to 14 days, or if the pain worsens during that time, see your veterinarian for further testing and therapy.