Beat Those New Year’s Resolution Blues & Make Change Stick

By Joe Dispenza, DC

Keeping New Year’s resolutions is often difficult. Once they dissolve, frustration and the feeling of being a failure sink in. But changes can be made! If you want to make changes stick, here are seven initial steps to start you on the path.

1) Intention, Intention, Intention

Write a clear and simple resolution statement. This tells your brain that you mean it.

2) Sponsoring Thoughts

List strong reasons why you want to change. This is the biggest secret to making change stick.

3) Review, Remind, and Prime

Create a plan. Then review your actions steps daily.

4) Align Your Behavior to Match Your Intention

Hold yourself accountable by demonstrating change in your entire day.

5) Track Your Changes

Create a reward system for yourself.

6) Come Out of Your Resting State: Change Your Energy

Change can be uncomfortable. Therefore, each day when you begin you must lift yourself into a new state of being and raise your energy.

7) Cue Your Environment

Place pictures, notes, word phrases, and/or vision boards where you can see them daily, such as at your desk, on the refrigerator, or pasted to the bathroom mirror.