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Food Safety 411

Is this meat cooked? Chow mein still good? Find out with the “Is My Food Safe?” app from the Home Food Safety program.

Am I Fertile?

It’s an age-old question with a high-tech answer thanks to Fairhaven Health’s “OvaGraph,” an app that records menstrual cycle data like cervical mucus consistency, basal body temperature (BBT), ovulation test results, and OvaCue fertility monitor readings.

Get in Shape with Football Club Barcelona

“FCB Fitness” uses players from FC Barcelona soccer club to help you achieve your goals and get more fit every day. Incorporate exercise into your daily life through personalized challenges designed by experts in physical fitness. Social networking is also built in because, hey, competition makes us better.


The “DTOX” app is designed to help kick mental, physical, or behavioral dependencies like alcohol with a community feature that reminds the user they’re not alone and provides encouragement. DTOX features a feelings/cravings monitor, daily notifications, expert direction, community support, and more.