App Alert


Time-lapse pregnancy slideshows are a trend for expectant mothers these days, and the latest app, CineMama, is using this trend to their advantage. This app is available for iPhone and is a fun way to turn pictures into a video and share it through social media.

Beckford Formula for Weight Loss

Developed by Rita and Ian Beckford, family practice doctors with weight loss experience, this app helps users develop a lifestyle filled with good habits that are repeated until they become automatic. Users can receive nutritional tips and healthy recipes, register for educational classes and events, submit photos to appear in their gallery, and sign up for The Beckford Formula newsletter.

My Own

Own, a skin health company, unveils the My Own app. Free to download, the My Own app analyzes a photograph of the user and provides a clinical evaluation of the major signs of aging, along with nutrition, wellness, and beauty recommendations based on individual aging results.

This diagnostic tool is also able to track users’ “beauty numbers” in monthly increments. Uploading new images every 30 days shows skin improvements by using Own products and following a personalized anti-aging plan, empowering users to fight the signs of aging and take control of their skin health.