Americans are Hungry for Healthy Food

Healthy eating has come to the forefront of many minds over the past several years. Indeed, this increased interest in healthy eating is highlighted by new research from Mintel, which reveals that just over two-thirds (67 percent) of Americans choose healthier foods to stay well.

"Consumers are more aware than ever of their own nutritional deficits, and what poor eating habits can do in terms of their long-term health," says John Frank, category manager, CPG food and drink reports at Mintel. "As a result, today's consumers are seeking out healthy food with greater urgency. However, skeptical or confused consumers aren't likely to pay a premium for healthier food, making it hard for manufacturers to justify investment in nutritional/ingredient upgrades."

Some 31 percent of consumers choose healthy foods to lose weight and 30 percent do so to maintain weight. But do people really know what's good for them? Mintel’s research also reveals that women seem to think so more than men. Some 67 percent of males think they are a good judge of healthy foods, versus 76 percent of females.