The Amazing Tree

Before reading this you took a breath of air, let it fill your lungs and escape back out of your mouth, once the body had used up all its resources. What made this possible? Trees.

Here are the top ten reasons we need trees:

1) Oxygen: Trees take energy provided by the sun and make glucose from carbon dioxide and water—oxygen is a byproduct of this process and is released into the atmosphere.

2) Clean soil: Trees have the ability to store harmful pollutants that have entered the ground or change the pollutant to a less harmful form.

3) Noise pollution: Trees can muffle urban sounds, decreasing noises from freeways and airports.

4) Stormwater runoff: Trees can reduce flash floods dramatically, providing time for underground water-holding aquifers to recharge.

5) Carbon sinks: Trees absorb carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) in their wood, roots, and leaves. A forest is a carbon sink in that it removes more carbon than it produces.

6) Clean air: Trees intercept airborne particles; reduce heat; and absorb carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide.

7) Shade: Trees can lower the amount of air conditioning needed in the summer by providing shade and can lower heating costs in winter by stopping strong winds.

8) Windbreaks: Trees reduce the drying effect on soil and vegetation by providing the topsoil a break from the wind.

9) Soil erosion: Tree roots bind the soil to help fight soil erosion and conserve rainwater.

10) Property value: According to real estate agencies, trees increase the property value of your home by 15 percent or more.

What can you do to help make sure we keep trees around? Plant a tree this month on Arbor Day, April 26th. If you plant two trees, when they mature they will create over 260 pounds of oxygen a year, enough for a family of four. The Arbor Day Foundation, the world’s biggest nonprofit, plants over 10 million trees each year.

To find out more, go to and see what you can do to help!