From Advertisement Eyesore to Gardener’s Friend

What started as a billboard for Chevrolet’s “All New Camaro” has been repurposed for multiple uses by gardeners and landscapers. These advertisements were created to hang outdoors along highways and interstates in the nastiest of weather: high winds, scorching sun, intense heat, strong rains, and so on. These advertising vinyls are made of UV-protected and waterproof vinyl layers that sandwich between them a layer of ripstop nylon scrim to keep them from tearing. When the advertising campaign they were created for is over, they make great compost tarps, covers, and pond liners in their second life.

repurposedMATERIALS, a Denver-based company, is dedicated to providing both economic and environmental solutions through the creative act of repurposing. They find materials that can no longer be used in their original industry and make them available for consumers to resourcefully reuse in a different application.