Açai Reverses Cognitive Decline

Açai fruit fed to aged rats reversed age-related cognitive and motor declines, according to a study from Tufts University. The study fed old rats diets that included two percent of one of two açai species, Euterpe oleracea, found mostly along the Amazon river near its mouth, and Euterpe precatoria, found in Bolivia.

The rats that were given the açai performed significantly better than the standard-diet control group. Both açai groups showed improved working memory on days one and two of the tests, when the animals were still learning the task. They also showed better memory on days three and four of the water maze tests. There was actually a difference between the two açai berry species. Euterpe precatoria had about 2.5 times the chemical content of Euterpe oleracea, but both still showed improved benefits overall.