Insurance for Complementary and Alernative Medicine (CAM)

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Complementary and alternative medicine—also known as CAM—has been gaining ground in the United States. In 2007, the National Health Interview Survey indicated approximately 38 percent of adult Americans used CAM. The definition of CAM is difficult, because it is a very broad field. Generally, CAM is any medical therapy that is not considered mainstream or conventional medicine.

Annie's Teams Up with and Carson Daly to Support TODAY Show School Gardening Initiative


Annie's Inc. has joined with and TODAY Show anchor Carson Daly to help build a new school garden in Brooklyn, New York and shine a light on childhood hunger, while promoting healthy eating in America.

Tripadvisor Offers the Scoop on America's Top Ice Cream Parlors


TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site, today announced the 10 top ice cream parlors in the US, ranked according to the TripAdvisor Popularity Index, which takes into account the quality, quantity and recency of reviews from the TripAdvisor community of millions of travelers.

Women Taking Too Much Calcium Create Health Risk


Researchers from the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) found that supplementing with calcium elevates calcium levels too high, putting women at risk for kidney stones, among other health problems.

Lunchbox Report Card: Parents and Kids Say It's Time to Build a Better Lunchbox


In the second Rock the Lunchbox Survey of more than 2,000 kids and parents, 72 percent of kids say it's "cool" to have healthy food in their lunchboxes. The survey also showed that snack swapping is common - 64 percent of kids say they regularly trade items from their lunch with friends.

5 Budget-Friendly Amusement Park Tips for Families


According to a recent TripAdvisor survey, 60 percent of US respondents plan to visit an amusement park in 2014, with more than a quarter spending more than $1,000 on the visit. For families planning an amusement park trip this summer, Family Vacation Critic shares tips for making the visit budget-friendly–even when purchasing multiple tickets.

Parents Break the Bank and Make Sacrifices to Help Fund Their Child's Education


Gone are the days when parents thought pencils and Trapper Keepers were enough to start the school year. Now school-related expenses include hefty costs on extracurricular activities and the latest trendy clothing!

Tart Cherries: An On-Trend Superfruit That's Always in Season


Tart cherries were a stand-out star at the recent Fancy Food Show, described as a "homegrown superfruit with functional credentials." The nutrient profile of tart cherries is not the only reason these ruby-red fruits are hotter than ever. Trend experts say tart flavors are on the rise, due to consumers' changing palate that prefers a less sweet taste.

Parkinson's Organizations Unite to Serve Patients and Families


National Parkinson's organizations are working together to help provide Parkinson's patients and caregivers with knowledge and support to optimize their care through the "Partners in Parkinson's" strategic health initiative launched by The Michael J. Fox Foundation and AbbVie.

Bolthouse Farms Launches Line of Fruit and Veggie Snacks for Kids


Bolthouse Farms, one of the largest producers of baby carrots and premium juice beverages in North America, announced today the launch of Bolthouse Farms Kids. The new line of kids snacks is based around real fruits and vegetables with no added preservatives and is designed for maximum kid craveability.