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  • Ask The Doctor: Holday Blues, Snoring, and Acid Reflux

    Q: The holidays are supposed to be such a happy time, but last year I came down with a case of the “holiday blues.” How can I avoid that this year?

    A: By David Kiefer, MD is a family practitioner and faculty member at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona

    Every month we ask top practitioners to address your health concerns. This month find solutions for "holiday blues," snoring, and acid reflux.
  • Ask the Doctor: Flu FAQS

    Ask The Doctor: Flu

    Q: How can I tell if I have the flu, and not just the common cold?

    Carolyn Dean is a Maui-based MD and ND.

    Every month we ask top practitioners to address your health concerns. This month find answers for flu frequently asked questions.
  • Ask The Doctor: ADHD

    Answered by: Mark Hyman, MD, is author of The UltraMind Solution (Scribner, 2009) and founder of The UltraWellness Center in Massachusetts.

    How can I treat my son's attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) without drugs?
  • Ask The Doctor: Thinning Hair


    Answered by Susan Lark, MD, a women’s health expert and author of the alternative health newsletter Women’s Wellness Today.

    My hair has become thinner lately, and I’m embarrassed—baldness can be sexy on men, but it’s not a good look for me. Why am I losing my hair and how can I stop it?
  • Ask The Doctor: Diverticulitis

    Diverticular diseases have become very common in the US, especially among the over-50 set, so you’re certainly not alone. People often develop diverticulosis, a condition characterized by small, pouch-like herniations called diverticula in the lining of the large intestine, small intestines, esophagus, or stomach.

    My doctor just diagnosed me with diverticulitis. What does this mean, and how can I treat this condition naturally?
  • Ask The Doctor: Sinus Infections

    Q. I always suffer from painful sinus infections this time of year. How can I kick them without antibiotics?

    Kick sinus infections without antibiotics.
    Answered by David Williams, DC
  • Ask The Doctor: Type 2 Diabetes

    My 42-year-old brother, Gregg, just found out he has type 2 diabetes, and I’d like to help him get healthy. What can he doto avoid taking prescription drugs?

    Answered by Julian Witaker
  • Ask The Doctor: Pet Loss - Remaining Pet Mourns Loss of Companion

    When a dog loses his canine companion, he may become more sluggish, eat less, or even look around for his buddy. He may not interact with you as much—or he could get clingy and want more attention.

    Answered by Catherine Alinovi, DVM, a holistic veterinarian
  • Ask The Doctor: Bloating, Gas, and Abdominal Discomfort

    Bloating, gas, and abdominal discomfort are common yet annoying symptoms of a digestive system that has fallen off track. Weak digestion, slow-working intestines, and imbalanced flora (bacteria, yeast, and other intestinal microorganisms) can all cause post-meal pain and protruding bellies.

    Every time I eat a full meal, I get bloated and uncomfortable. How come? What can I do to ease these feelings and prevent them in the future?
    By Nancy Lonsdorf, MD, an Iowa-based integrative physician with 23 years’ experience in ayurveda for women’s health.
  • ASk The Doctor: Lymphedema

    Luckily, there are several ways to relieve the painful arm and leg swelling caused by secondary, or acquired, lymphedema. This condition, which affects an estimated 3 million cancer survivors, occurs when lymph nodes are damaged or removed during surgery or radiation treatment causing lymph fluid to accumulate in the tissues.

    I’ve been suffering from lymphedema ever since my lumpectomy. What can I do to relieve the pain and swelling?
    By Susan Lark, MD