Herbal Ice Cubes

Jazz up your favorite drinks with these cool summer treats.

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a cold beverage after a day in the hot summer sun—but drop in an herbal ice cube or two, and you’ve found the perfect way to make your favorite summer drinks even more enjoyable. Whether it’s mint for cocktails or lemongrass for iced tea, there’s no limit on the number or kinds of herbs, flowers, and fruits you can toss into your ice cube trays to make your drinks healthy, pretty, and memorable.


To make one tray of herbal ice cubes, bring one to two cups of water to a boil. Next, add one teaspoon of herbs per cup of water. After adding your herbs of choice, remove your pan from the heat and let the herbs steep for half an hour. When the concoction reaches room temperature, strain and pour into your ice cube tray, adding more herbs or flowers for decoration if you so choose. Once frozen, store the cubes in labeled freezer bags and enjoy year-round!