• Curbing Childhood Obesity

    In our push-button, remote-control, car-oriented culture—where pizza makes house calls and kids between the ages of 2 and 17 spend more than three years of their waking lives watching TV— we’ve created the fattest generation in history.

    How can parents halt the creeping epidemic that threatens our kids’ futures? The solution: Change the environment so they can move more and eat well.
  • DeTox, Deconstructed

    Feeling headachy, maybe some fatigue? Suffering a bit of acid reflux, perhaps a little bloating, some muscle aches? Maybe it’s time to detox—whatever that means.

    By Lorie Parch
  • Can You Lighten Your Toxic Load?

    Few concepts are more ubiquitous in the lexicon of alternative medicine than detoxing. Peruse the shelves at any health food store and you’ll find detox teas, detox herbal blends, detox tinctures, and detox kits complete with all of the above—everything you need to purge your body of its chemical stockpile. Not sure you want to tackle your toxins alone?

    Recent reports confirm we all harbor a stockpile of potentially harmful chemicals.
    By Catherine Guthrie
  • Achieve Your New Years Health Goals

    Every January 1, it’s the same deal. I’m eager to write out a resolution list and get started on my goals, because this year I will drop 10 pounds, stress less, save more money, and be the most giving person I can be.

    Lose weight, stress less, and find happiness in 2010
    By Erin Quinn