• This is Late-Breaking News

    It’s taken far too long, but the FDA has finally decided that amalgam fillings may be dangerous to our health—something that an increasing number of dentists have long suspected. In June the FDA cautioned that these fillings may pose a risk for young children, developing fetuses, pregnant women, and people particularly sensitive to mercury.

    By Kristin Bjornsen
  • Needle Knots Away

    Plagued by a deep muscle pain massage can’t touch? You may consider dry needling to release that stubborn knot. Not to be confused with acupuncture, which is founded in Eastern theory and focuses on the movement of energy through meridians, or channels, in the body, dry needling is actually a Western modality based on muscle physiology and used largely by physical therapists.

    By Lindsay Wilson
  • Ask The Doctor: Lifting Low Libido

    Most men know that “the Little Blue Pill” allows their equipment to work better, but they may not realize that Viagra doesn’t do a thing for their libido. And who wants to deal with such harrowing side effects as sudden vision loss, stroke, or painful marathon four-hour erections?

    Since turning 40, my sex drive has plummeted. Should I take Viagra?
    By Mark A. Moyad, MD, MPH
  • Alternative Medicine Cabinet: Go Against the 'Graine

    If you suffer from migraines, these debilitating headaches need no introduction. You might feel better, though, knowing that 28 million other Americans—the overwhelming majority of them women—are also searching for something safe to make the pain go away.

    No drugs, no side effects, no headaches.
    By Gina Roberts-Grey
  • Your Natural Treatment Plan

    Adding complementary therapies to your treatment plan can both improve your prognosis and help you feel better. Integrative oncologists agree that when it comes to breast cancer, conventional therapies such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation may be unavoidable. But the following holistic strategies offer healing benefits.


    5 holistic approaches to help beat breast cancer
    By Meghan Rabbitt
  • Surviving Breast Cancer Together

    One sunny Friday in August, my wife called me at work. She’d just had a mammogram, and a no-nonsense radiologist told her, “Sure looks like cancer to me.” Here’s what I should have said: “Honey, you must be terrified. I’m coming home right now. We’ll get through this together.”

    A relationship can be put to the test after diagnosis and through treatment. How one man learned to stop "fixing" and start listening.
    By Marc Silver
  • Beat Jet Lag

    Even the savviest travelers can’t escape feeling the effects of time-zone hopping. But new research from Harvard University suggests fasting before flying to a far-off land may help you avoid jet lag altogether. How? Your body knows when to eat, sleep, and wake up in response to your circadian rhythm, an internal body clock that gets its cues from daylight.

    By Nicole Duncan
  • A Safe Solution for Head Lice

    With these tiny insects infesting the scalps of 12 million Americans annually—mostly children under 12—an effective remedy is high in demand. However, the main ingredient of most head lice treatments is an outlawed agricultural pesticide called lindane.

    By Nicole Duncan
  • What's My Alternative: Chronic Pain

    For two years, Michelle Marcon suffered from constant pain because of a herniated disk in her lower back, arthritis in both hips, and bone spurs in her heels. After walking for only a couple of minutes, pain would shoot down the back of her legs, and her left foot would go numb. “My pain got so bad that I had to quit my job,” says the Chicago-area dog walker.

    By Nicole Duncan
  • Vitamin D Does a Body Good

    Cancer: Research suggests that getting enough vitamin D may help regulate cellular growth, potentially preventing cells from becoming cancerous.

    Chronic pain: Vitamin D deficiency is increasingly recognized as a cause of muscle pain and weakness.

    By Meghan Rabbitt