• Ask The Doctor: Symptoms of Perimenopause

    Accuracy among saliva hormone levels and serum (blood) hormone levels is similar, so there’s no need for both tests. That said, a growing number of physicians feel salivary testing, which evaluates cyclical hormone levels, is superior to serum testing because saliva reflects which hormone actually gets into the tissue.

    I’m in my late 40s and experiencing symptoms of perimenopause, so I would like my hormone levels tested. I’ve heard that saliva tests are more accurate than blood tests. Is this true?
    Answered by Kimberly Wilson, NMD
  • Yeast Infection Protection

    If you’ve ever had a vaginal yeast infection, you’re all too familiar with the telltale symptoms that make it so miserable: itching, burning, swelling, painful urination, and an unpleasant white discharge.

    Natural ways to prevent and cure Candida.
    By Larissa Long
  • Alternative Medicine Cabinet: Treat Erectile Dysfunction

    Aside from the television commercials depicting couples dancing or holding hands in claw-footed bathtubs, erectile dysfunction (ED) has remained a relatively taboo topic.

    The most effective natural remedies
    By Kris Kucera and Hilary Oliver
  • ASk The Doctor: Lymphedema

    Luckily, there are several ways to relieve the painful arm and leg swelling caused by secondary, or acquired, lymphedema. This condition, which affects an estimated 3 million cancer survivors, occurs when lymph nodes are damaged or removed during surgery or radiation treatment causing lymph fluid to accumulate in the tissues.

    I’ve been suffering from lymphedema ever since my lumpectomy. What can I do to relieve the pain and swelling?
    By Susan Lark, MD
  • Win the Cold War

    Unless you live in a plastic bubble, you can’t seal yourself away from all germs in life. They’re everywhere—especially this time of year. Your best bet to stay healthy is to strengthen your immune system so it can defeat any microscopic invaders before they lay siege.

    Simple strategies to boost your immunity this season
    By Kristin Bjornsen
  • 8 Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

    According to the American Cancer Society, one in eight US women will develop breast cancer at some point in their lives. This staggering stat could equal two members of your soccer team, three women in your yoga class, or five faces you see in a busy sushi joint. Fortunately, there are several natural ways to potentially lower your breast cancer risk.

    By Melaina Juntti
  • Is Homeopathy Safe?

    For centuries, people around the world have used homeopathy to treat everything from seasickness to cancer. But this summer’s recall of Zicam, a popular homeopathic nasal cold remedy containing zinc, raised questions about the safety of this somewhat mysterious science.

    By Vicky Uhland
  • How I Beat Breast Cancer

    For Maria Claudia White, integrative therapies played a crucial role in helping her fight this battle. Here, her journey to recovery.
    As told to Erin Quinn
  • Go Ahead–Yawn!

    Afraid to risk rudeness and let out a hearty yawn? Well, here’s an excuse to give Miss Manners a hissy fit: According to neuroscientist Andrew Newberg, MD, director of the Center for Spirituality and the Mind at the University of Pennsylvania, yawning is one of the best-kept health secrets.

    By Danielle Winston
  • What's My Alternative: Insomnia

    Bill Thomas is no stranger to sleepless nights. For the last decade, the 42-year-old children’s book illustrator has suffered from bouts of insomnia that last three to four nights at a time. “What’s frustrating is that it’s completely unpredictable,” says Thomas, who never drinks caffeine after noon and shuts off the computer and tube an hour before bed.

    By Meghan Rabbitt