Americans Slow to Adopt Green Choices


It may seem as though everyone is already on the go-green bandwagon—but a new survey has found that while many Americans are willing to take steps toward becoming more environmentally conscious, actual changes in both attitude and behavior are happening slowly, particularly among older citizens.

According to the 2011 Sustainable Living national telephone study conducted by L’Oreal USA and ORC International, less than one in four respondents make an effort to purchase certifiably green products, and only 38 percent would choose a more ecofriendly option if given the choice between two equally performing products.

Attitudes about climate change were also measured, and nearly 40 percent of Americans still don’t believe there’s enough proof to indicate that climate change is occurring. This skepticism increases to 45 percent in the 55+ demographic. However, 79 percent of 18- to 34-year-olds are confident that not only are alternative sources of renewable energy the key to reducing global warming, but that we have the technology needed to solve the problem.

Additionally, the survey also found that 93 percent of Americans are willing to recycle in order to reduce their individual carbon footprints—a trend not yet common, interestingly enough, in cosmetics, as many Americans only recycle products from their kitchens. L’Oreal USA is working to address this problem by introducing a new points scale for rating and assessing the environmental impact of its product packaging designs in order to offer consumers more sustainable product choices.