Food: The Year Ahead

What can we look forward to foodwise in 2014? Here are a few of the trends identified by the Sterling-Rice Group:

LEMON hits the big time as consumers enjoy lemon juice. But look for it as a preservative, star pastry ingredient, and addition to yogurt as well.

MIDDLE EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN will boom as the flavors of Turkey and Israel (i.e. sumac, za’atar, and Aleppo) join well-established Middle Eastern staples like pizza and garlic in popularity.

FINER AMERICAN CLASSICS like wedge salad and meaty steak tartare (and other unabashedly full-fat options) will experience a revival.

GLUTEN-FREE AND NON-GMO will continue their meteoric ascension. Makers will continue to work on the flavor of gluten-free products, while non-GMO foods are expected to grow robustly.