Supplement Watch: Mulberry Leaf Extract

By Gina-Roberts Grey

Mealtime—a relaxing, pleasurable activity for most of us—is a challenge for type-2 diabetics because they have to monitor every morsel in order to minimize their blood-sugar fluctuations. However, supplementing with mulberry-leaf extract can reduce some of the mealtime math for type-2s, says Lee Zhong, MD, PhD, a San Diego–based researcher who has looked at the effects of this extract on type-2 diabetics. Too many carbohydrates raises blood-glucose levels, and mulberry-leaf extract lessens the body’s absorption of carbs, says Zhong, who recommends taking 1 gram of mulberry-leaf extract 15 minutes to one hour before lunch and dinner to reduce post-meal blood-sugar spikes.
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Keep in mind: Although incorporating mulberry-leaf extract into your daily routine is promising, diabetics should still keep track of what they eat.