Meatless: Protein Shakes

When you think protein shakes, you typically imagine a hulk-like person with a big tub of protein powder working out at the gym for several hours at a time. The only problem with this image is the average person is uninterested in looking this way and thus uninterested in protein powder. However, protein powders are actually good for your body and more companies, like Twinlab and Nature’s Answer, makers of Plant Head protein, are finding ways to make veggie-based protein powders for those wanting to live a vegetarian lifestyle.

Vegetarian protein powders are a growing trend now, and with good reason. “There are a lot of reasons people switch to plant-based,” said Steve Marada, spokesperson for Plant Head protein. “In the past, plant-based proteins might have fallen short in some areas, like amino acid profile, essential amino acids, and so on. Now, with all the sources that are available to us, we have a combination—pea protein, brown rice, algae, hemp, and cranberry—that gives us a complete, full amino acid profile. It will certainly be used by active people, outdoor people. It will be used by people working out in the gym. It’ll definitely stand the workout crowd. It just appeals more to the true natural consumer, as opposed to a lot of the bodybuilding shakes that have artificial dyes, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners. This is very clean.”

The traditional option for vegetarian and vegan protein powders, soy has taken a hit as news spreads of its dangers, namely heavy pesticide use on nonorganic soy, genetic modification, and the denaturing that occurs to soy protein during most manufacturing processes.

Veggie-based protein powders are also great for those with milk allergies, or older people whose digestive systems cannot handle dairy like they used to. Marada points out that Plant Head protein has the lowest allergy rating possible, so it can be used by “99.9 percent of the population.”

How much is plant-based protein trending? Though Plant Head was just launched, it’s already on pace to be the fourth-best seller for Nature’s Answer (of 600) in the first year of production.

So what can you do with protein powder? Pretty much anything! You can pair it with almond milk and use it as a shake, or add greens, fruits, and veggies with the powder to a blender and blend for a great tasting smoothie. You can even just add it to a glass of water.


Vegetarian Fruit and Veggie Crush

1 banana

1 cup orange juice

1/2 cup blueberries

1 cup fresh spinach

1 handful ice cubes

1 scoop Twinlab Clean Series Veggie Protein - Very Vanilla

1 tablespoon agave

Add all of the ingredients and blend until smooth. Source: Twinlab


Cinnamon Protein Apples

3 large Fuji apples

1 tablespoon cinnamon

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

Slice apples and place them into a seal­able plastic bag. Pour cinnamon and protein powder into the bag. Shake vigorously, plate, and serve. Source: Roger Lawson II,