It's Easy Being Green

By Nicole Sprinkle

Before you take that mid-afternoon java break, remember this: Feeling sluggish may be your body’s way of telling you your pH balance is off. Too much sugar, fat, and protein can make you overly acidic. When that happens, your body pulls calcium from your bones in an effort to correct the imbalance.

You can counter excess acidity (and save your bones) by eating greens—nothing is more effective at neutralizing the excess acid and restoring your body’s slightly alkaline pH. No time for a spinach salad? Powdered green drinks offer a convenient, on-the-go option. But with so many on the market, how do you choose the best one? According to Kendra Coppey, a holistic health counselor in New York City, look for labels that list little or no protein, lots of dehydrated fruit blends (especially citric fruits, which are particularly alkalizing), as many greens as possible, bee pollen, and whole grains. Avoid products with ingredients you can’t pronounce, as well as those that contain sucralose, which can negatively impact your kidneys and urinary tract.

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