Pour a Little (More)

V Day is the holiday for wine. And, besides being romantic, studies in recent years suggest that moderate alcohol drinkers enjoy heart health benefits. According to R. Curtis Ellison, MD, of Boston University, wine drinkers who drink a little almost every day and do not binge drink derive the most benefit. A good serving is one or two five-ounce glasses of wine per day.

But when we pour a glass of wine, how do we decide how much is enough? You’d suspect the factors would be heavily psychological, but the physical circumstances surrounding the pour are arguably a greater factor.

12: A study found people pour 12 percent more into wide red wine glasses than into narrow white wine glasses

9: People pour nine percent more white wine than red wine because it is harder to see

12: People pour 12 percent more into a glass they are holding than a glass that is on a table