Health Matters: Snacks to Stay on Track

Snacking is a venerable American pastime, but it can also be a diet-buster this time of year. Here’s a look at five nutrient dense snacks that will have you putting down the chocolate chip cookies.

One cup of Lifeway Organic Plain Kefir has just 110 calories, three grams of fiber, 14 grams of protein, and a healthy dose of probiotics to keep the peace in your GI tract.

Fifty pistachios clocks in at only 161 calories while providing six grams of protein, healthy fats, and potent antioxidants. The roasted, sea-salted, in-shell variety will take a while to eat, making you feel more full.

A quarter pineapple (fresh, not canned) has only 113 calories, while providing fiber, anti-inflammatory enzyme bromelain, and 180 percent of your daily vitamin C.

One medium baked sweet potato with skin on has just 103 calories, has four grams of fiber, 438 percent of your daily vitamin A, and is strongly anti-inflammatory. Add a dab of butter and a shake of sea salt … yum.

Two hard-boiled eggs with sea salt (160 calories) will provide you with 14 grams of protein and a lot of good unsaturated fats, both of which are so good for you.