BBQ the Right Way

Healthy and easy items for the perfect grill-out.

When barbequing this summer, it’s good to have all your favorite foods available to toss on the grill or to accompany a feast. Of course, all those summertime favorites, like chips, pies and beer, really load on calories and fatty substances. Not to mention your body will see the effects of months of this eating habit! Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, our diets are out the window and having fun is top priority. But eating healthy doesn’t mean the fun has stopped. By keeping a watchful eye on what is going on the grill and in to your mouth, you’ll be able to find an array of healthier alternatives. From buns to hummus, Natural Solutions has come up with a list of healthy and easy items needed for the perfect grill-out.

Kashi Pita Crisps: Kashi Pita Crisps are made with Kashi’s unique combination of seven whole grains, baked to toasty perfection into delicious, puffy crackers. Each serving provides 10 grams of whole grains and five grams of fiber, bringing positive nutrition to the classic pita snack. The new Pita Crisps contain all-natural ingredients and are also free of hydrogenated oils, artificial ingredients, and cholesterol. // $4, 7.9 oz,

Tru Roots Ancient Grain Pasta: Gluten-free and made with whole grain, Tru Roots unique pasta is crafted with organic, amaranth, and brown ricea. Ancient grains are the secret to keeping a firm “al dente” texture after cooking, seamlessly adding nutrition to this familiar pasta. TruRoots Ancient Grains Pasta turns spaghetti night into a delicious opportunity to nourish your body. // prices vary,

Quorn Naked Chik’n Cutlets: Saute, bake, microwave, and grill! Quorn’s meatless Naked Chik’n Cutlets are left for you to dress them up yourself. No thawing is required, just straight from freezer to oven. Made from all natural ingredients, these soy-free delights are also high in protein and are 25 percent less calories than skinless chicken breast! // 9.7 oz,

Earth Balance Mindful Mayo: Mix up your sandwich spreads with Earth Balance’s Mindful Mayo varieties. These three products offer a rich, creamy, light, and tangy mayo that will make mouths smile and shout. All mayos are 100-percent plant based, vegan, lactose-free, egg-free, and gluten-free. // $4, 16 oz,

Tofurkey Hot Dogs: Turtle Island Foods’ tofurkey hot dogs are juicy, and pack a flavorful punch with each bite. These hot dogs are the first meatless hot dog to be based on organic tofu instead of hexane-extracted ingredients. As a bonus, all Turtle Island Foods’ products are based on soy organic protein, non-GMO ingredients, and are 100-percent vegan. // $4, 12 oz,

Sabra Hummus: Sabra’s line of hummus products is crafted to perfection and great for dips, spreads, and side dishes. The buffalo style is a spice pepper flavor with blue cheese and celery to give a twist to an American classic. Gluten-free and kosher-verified. // $4, 10 oz,

Tribe Hummus: Hummus has always been a summer-friendly item, and Tribe Mediterranean Foods is the must-have for hummus. Vegan-friendly and kosher-certified, Tribe Hummus is free of artificial preservatives, saturated fats, trans-fats, dairy, and cholesterol. Comes in over 15 different flavors. // $3, 8 oz,

Inglehoffer Stone Ground Mustard : Inglehoffer’s Stone Ground Mustard is just one of the several flavors of mustard organically produced and packaged in a convenient squeeze bottle. Whether seasoned with white wine, zesty spices, or lemon juice, these gourmet mustards will make any burger taste too good to be true. // $4, 10 oz,

Jenkins Jellies: Get rid of your classic jellies, and try something new this summer season! Jenkins Jellies come in four unique flavors: Hell Fire, Fiery Figs, Guava Brava, and Passion Fire. Great on burgers, steak, chicken, salmon, or turkey, they contain no preservatives, artificial flavors, food coloring, or high-fructose corn syrup. // $12, 11.9 oz,

JOiA Soda : Boundary Water Brands brings you the fresh and distinct-flavored, all-natural sodas that will top off any summer evening. Each of the four recipes contains no caffeine or artificial products, making each one a good choice. // $5,

Salsa: Tender tomatoes, tangy peppers, and a blend of spices is the perfect base to Casa Martinez salsas. Each batch is expertly crafted to bring out every unique flavor. Flavors include Quemada, Nopal, Habanero, Tatemada, and Chipotle. Plus, all products are all natural and gluten-free. // $6, 16 oz,