Tea For Your: Upset Stomach

Your stomach can become upset for many reasons. If you’ve eaten something spicy, had a little too much alcohol, eaten too fast, or you’ve been stressed about something in your life, you could easily develop indigestion. Most importantly, remember to slow down when you’re eating, practice calming exercises, and go easy on the alcohol.

Luckily, tea is a wonderful way to ease whatever may be causing your upset stomach—and it tastes great as well. There are many herbs that may aid your indigestion, from milk thistle to ginger. Choose to make your own brew or buy one of our tea choices below:

Alvita Milk Thistle

Why? Alvita makes their Milk Thistle tea with premium organic milk thistle. Traditionally milk thistle’s seeds were known to help alleviate upset stomachs. Plus the tea will leave you with a pleasant, delicate flavor.

Choice Organics Easy Digest

Why? Choice Organic’s Easy Digest tea uses the power of ginger to help ease indigestion. Ginger has been used for ages to help upset stomachs, and this blend also uses turmeric, a popular ingredient in ayurveda for general well-being. These ingredients are also paired with lemongrass to give it a fresh taste.

Traditional Medicinals Ginger Aid

Why? Once again, ginger is used as the main ingredient to help you reach a happy digestive system. Traditional Medicinals’ ginger tea is a spicy and soothing blend made with blackberry and lemon myrtle as well. Drink before meals to help warm up your digestive system.

Yogi Stomach Ease

Why? Yogi packs their Stomach Ease tea with herbs and spices that are specifically used for the health of your digestive system. They use fennel seed and licorice that help soothe an upset stomach. Peppermint, cardamom, coriander, and ginger are also used to support digestive health.