A Year in Food

Our editors pick their favorite cookbooks from 2011.

1. Super Natural Every Day by Heidi Swanson (Ten Speed Press; $23; heidiswanson.com/su pernaturaleveryday) // Swanson is something of a modern cookbook goddess. Super Natural Every Day is her third cookbook and arguably her best. Her natural, wholesome, and simple recipes feature easy-to-find ingredients for everyday cooking that please the palate, belly, and body. This cookbook features an abundance of recipes and mouthwatering photographs that are a feast for the eyes.

Don’t Miss: Black Pepper Tempeh


2. Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites by Celine Steen and Joni Marie Newman (Fair Winds Press; $20; fairwindspress.com) // Vegan food has a notorious reputation for being both light and unfilling. However, Steen and Newman prove this generalization false. With 200 down-home and comfort food recipes, you can enjoy a hearty and wholesome meal free of animal products.

Don’t Miss: Baked BBQ Buns

3. The Kardea Gourmet by Richard Collins, MD, Robert Leighton, with Susan Buckley, RD (LINX; $25; kardeanutrition.com) // The Mediterranean diet isn’t a fad—it’s a heart-healthy way of life. The Kardea Gourmet explains the benefit of a diet that incorporates healthy fats, lowers cholesterol, and eliminates inflammation. It also helps you understand the power of fruits and vegetables.

Don’t Miss: Roast Tuna with Rosemary

4. The Essential Guide to Healthy Healing Foods by Victoria Shanta Retelny, RD, LDN, and Jovanka JoAnn Milivojevic (Alpha Books; $20; us.penguingroup.com) // More than a cookbook, this is a total nutrition book. Retelny and Milivojevic break down the basics of nutrition, explaining the purpose and necessity of every essential vitamin and mineral. The Essential Guide to Healthy Healing Foods also serves as a nutritional healing book for ailments from inflammation to insomnia.

Don’t Miss: Wild Rice and Squash Risotto


5. Fresh from the Farmers Market by Gwen McKee, Terresa Ray, and Barbara Moseley (Quail Ridge Press; $25; quailridge.com) // Complete with 400 recipes featuring farm-fresh produce found at local farmers markets, this cookbook is a classic addition to any cook’s collection. With sections on breads, breakfast, pasta, rice, seafood, poultry, meat, cookies, pies, and beverages, you won’t want to miss it!

Don’t Miss: Brown Rice Pilaf with Kiwi Fruit


6. Gluten-Free on a Shoestring by Nicole Hunn (Da Capo Press; $19; dacapopress.com) // Gluten-free foods from the grocery store are often much more expensive than conventional foods. This book shows you how to cut your grocery bill by a third through preparing your own gluten-free foods from scratch. Learn how to make basic staples such as chicken stock, barbeque sauce, and more complex specialties like Focaccia bread or bagels—all without breaking the bank.

Don’t Miss: Crispy Asian-Style Tofu


7. Frugavore by Arabella Forge (Skyhorse Publishing; $17; skyhorsepublishing.com)// More than just a cookbook, Frugavore is an extensive “how-to” book that expands on the local food movement, explaining how to grow and buy organic and local food, waste nothing, and eat well in the process. Forge believes in “waste not, want not,” and with this book, you’ll find out how to eat well on a budget, too.

Don’t Miss: Salbom Gravlax (Cured Salmon)


8. 125 Gluten-Free Vegetarian Recipes by Carol Fenster, PhD (Avery; $18; penguin.com) // The title says it all—well, almost all, as there are also vegan recipes. Fenster’s knowledge of healing foods takes center stage in this delicious cookbook, featuring filling and nutritious recipes for any daily meal. Even if you don’t adhere to a gluten-free diet, you’re sure to still enjoy the recipes in this book!

Don’t Miss: Carrot-Ginger Soup with Chile-lime Pepitas


9. Sinfully Vegan by Lois Dieterly (Da Capo Press; $18; dacapopress.com) // This is the crème de la crème of vegan dessert cookbooks, featuring more than 160 recipes that will make your mouth water and your taste buds dance. From fancy pies and cakes to simple frozen-fruit desserts, there’s a recipe here for every occasion. But really, who needs a special occasion with a dessert book like this?

Don’t Miss: Chocolate Raspberry Boston Cream Pie


10. Gluten Free in Five Minutes by Roben Ryberg (Da Capo Press; $17; dacapopress.com) // What sets this gluten-free cookbook apart are its quick and easy recipes for perpetually busy people. This go-to manual for health conscious cooks on-the-go includes 123 rapid recipes for bread, rolls, cakes, muffins, and more, each designed to fit into hectic lifestyles and delicious enough for the whole family—no matter how busy!

Don’t Miss: Eggs Florentine


11. Gluten-Free Makeovers by Beth Hillson (Da Capo Press; $19; dacapopress.com) // Finally—a cookbook that successfully balances the gourmet and the everyday! Hillson employed her personal experience and knowledge of living with celiac disease to create this collection of fabulous, timeless recipes. The book explains the basics of gluten-free cooking, including alternatives to wheat-based flours, and hopes to serve as an inspiration for those who feel restricted by food allergies.

Don’t Miss: Quick Eggplant Parmesan with Ground Beef