Off the Shelf: Give Thanks For Recipes

Don’t let allergies or sensitivities destroy your holiday season!

Welcome to the holiday season.‘Tis the season for homemade cookies, breads, stuffings, and dozens of other recipes made from scratch that are filled with wheat, dairy, and gluten. These are mortal enemies to those with gluten sensitivities, celiac disease, or food allergies.

Gluten intolerances and celiac disease are extremely frustrating from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Gluten is a protein found in wheat that attacks and destroy the intestines if digested. Celiac disease severe because those with the disease cannot eat any food with gluten, while those with the intolerance can manage small amounts. With every dessert and dinner made, weary eyes have to look the other way.

The holidays should not be dampened by all the food you can’t eat but should be met with excitement for all the foods you can eat. With simple gluten-free flours and packaged mixes, guests, friends, and family will be able to enjoy many familiar holiday treats.

Food allergies are a direct response to a food protein that the body identifies as harmful. Symptoms can range from hives, to swelling, or more. Those with food allergies also become frustrated during this time of year. Dairy, wheat, and nuts can be found in almost any product, not to mention that even though some foods may not be made with these hazardous ingredients, they could very well be in contact with them, causing you to be in full allergic mode.

A good way to avoid allergic reactions is to let your host know of your allergy, or simply choose to bring a few items to share that will be guaranteed allergy-free.

Another excellent way to make sure the foods at the party are safe is to host your own! By hosting the party, you can plan what is served and ensure everyone a safe and healthy event. Designate others to bring gluten-free meals to make the workload less stressful or take advantage of prepared organic side-dish options such as these from Pacific, below, to cut your workload (and still know what is in it).

For Off The Shelf this month, we list a few of our favorite gluten-free mixes for you to enjoy. Every recipe will be perfect for any holiday party you find yourself invited to!

For those without allergies or sensitivities, there are other benefits to this style of baking and cooking. Because there are many sugar substitutes in the recipes that follow, those watching their sugar intake and waistlines will be just as pleased with these tasty treats. Overeating is out this year, and smart eating is in.


Organic Thanksgiving Sides

Pacific Natural Foods has a new line of organic holiday accompaniments, now in BPA-free packaging. Check out the Organic Pumpkin Puree, Organic Turkey Gravy, and Organic Whole Berry and Jellied Cranberry sauces. //

Pamela’s Oatmeal Cookie Mix

Pamela’s Oatmeal Cookie Mix is fast, easy, and delicious, and contains gluten-free oats, while also being wheat-free. // 13 oz,

Domata Recipe Ready Flour

Domata offers an easy cup-for-cup substitution for regular flour. // 20 oz,

Mina’s Purely Divine Baking Mixes

Mina’s gluten-free mixes are an allergist’s best friend. // 13.4 oz,